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Keep Your Information Updated in Real Time

Last year there was over 25.1 billion local searches of consumers looking for a business.Lock in info  In today’s environment a digital presence is everything in showing up in these searches.  The digital presence must accurately drive customers to your physical location by using your own website, directory listings and search engine results, your social profiles, and reviews of your business.  Depending on the industry there are more than 55 plus search engines to find local businesses including Google, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo, and the Yellow Pages.   These review sites must contain the same information as not to confuse the search engines.  When sources disagree, duplicates and errors abound not allowing your business to be found.  It would take a long time to update the information on all of these review sites.  Through our services we can update all of your information in one place and have it updated on all of the 55 plus search engines.  The information is updated in real time meaning it is locked in to the correct information.   If your business changes any information from address, phone, website, hours of operation, payments accepted or email addresses it makes it easy to update the information on all of the search sites.  It can even be used when updating your company headline or a current deal your company is offering.  There is no lag time to get the information on to the search engines potential customers will be using.

Power of social media

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